Saturday, August 25, 2012

Stream over

I killed 124 raid bosses in about 13 hours and 45 minutes. I looted over 17k gold and earned a total of ~20.5k. I got a Fortune Card worth 1000g, so subtract that and it's less than 20k, but VoA would have given me 700g more looted and a few epics to vendor, so a full clear is worth more than 20k. I also didn't count the engineering mats, boe recipes and boe epics I got, but of those, only the engineering mats are easy to sell.

I had some trouble on General Zarithrian, which I had only soloed once before. I also wiped a bit more than I would have liked on The Lich King. I accidentally feigned on the Sindragosa trash gauntlet in the very end, resetting it - and of all things, I had trouble doing normalmode XT-002 Deconstructor, due to the heart dying twice by accident (What? when I try to do hardmode and actually use cooldowns, the heart can't die T_T), and then trash getting pulled midfight somehow. Professor Putricide was also annoying - the three green slimes came at me in phase 3 after I had to feign just before the Tear Gas, so that was a wipe, and then on the kill I had an orange slime annoy me in phase 3, forcing me to swap some pets.

On the other hand, some fights went unexpectedly well. I had 26k dps on the first attempt of Algalon (~22k is needed) and only used one Last Stand, so that was the most perfect kill I've ever done by FAR.

All in all, I didn't wipe more than I had expected, but I would have guessed on other fights.  If one played perfectly it would be possible to clear it all in under 12 hours, maybe under 11, but it would literally take years of practice to reach such perfection.

I want to thank all who tuned in, it's much more fun to read comments and questions from viewers than to just solo it without streaming.

Since this was the last reset before patch 5.0.4, it might also be the last time I've soloed some of the bosses. The loss of Intervene will make The Lich King impossible at least, and possibly other fights, but we'll see. I'm still going to solo to try out the new stuff, but it will take more attempts than usual on some bosses. Furthermore, with the gold nerfs, it will hardly be worth the consumables to solo anyway. I used 14 flasks and I'm not sure how many of the other consumables (I can check when I'm less tired), but I would assume the total cost to be at least way over 1000g (not many people purchase runescrolls of fortitude ii, so determining a price is not really possible).

Thanks once again for tuning in and for reading this.

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